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6F5 Crushed Concrete

6F5 Crushed Concrete

6F5 Crushed Concrete at Economy Plant Hire & Aggregates


Introducing 6F5 Crushed Concrete, the versatile and durable aggregate solution for your construction and landscaping needs. Made from recycled concrete, this high-quality material is crushed to a specific size and graded to provide a consistent and reliable product.


Ideal for use in a variety of applications, 6F5 Crushed Concrete is perfect for use as a sub-base material for roads, car parks, and building foundations. It is also an excellent choice for creating hard-standing areas and as a drainage layer for landscaping projects.


With its excellent load-bearing properties, 6F5 Crushed Concrete can withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for both commercial and residential projects. It also has excellent drainage properties, helping to prevent water pooling and erosion.

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