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Equipped with a Kubota diesel engine, the Messersi TC50D delivers a maximum power of 20 horsepower (15 kW) and has a maximum speed of up to 4 mph (6.5 km/h). Its sturdy chassis and heavy-duty track system can handle payloads of up to 2,205 lbs (1,000 kg).


The Messersi TC50D's hydrostatic transmission system ensures smooth and precise control of the machine's speed and direction, making it easy to operate even in tight and challenging spaces. Its low ground pressure and excellent traction make it suitable for soft or uneven terrain.


The Messersi TC50D's compact size and high maneuverability make it ideal for accessing narrow and hard-to-reach areas. Its hydraulic tipping system allows for quick and easy unloading of materials, and its low noise and vibration levels ensure a comfortable working environment for the operator.

  • Tech Specs


    Weight 1.62 t
    Transport length 2.721 m
    Transport Width 1.108 m
    Transport Height 2.372 m
    Net Load 1.5 t
    Dump Capacity 

    0.82 m³

    Travel Speed

    7.5 km/h

    Track Width

    230 mm
    Soil Pressure

    0.47 kg/cm²

    Loading Height

    3.472 m

    Engine Manufacturer


    Engine Type


    Engine Power

    15.2 kW


    0.898 l

    Revolutions at max torque

    3200 rpm

    Number of Cylinders 3
    Emission Level  Stage V


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