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The Terex TA6 is a powerful and versatile site dumper designed to tackle a wide range of material handling tasks in various applications, including construction, agriculture, landscaping, and mining.


Powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient JCB diesel engine, the Terex TA6 delivers a maximum power of 74 horsepower (55 kW) and has a maximum speed of up to 25 mph (40 km/h). The machine features a robust steel chassis and a heavy-duty axle that can handle payloads of up to 13,227 lbs (6,000 kg).


The Terex TA6 also features a hydrostatic transmission system that provides smooth and precise control of the machine's speed and direction, making it easy to operate even in tight and challenging spaces. Its oscillating rear axle and high-flotation tires provide excellent traction and stability even in rough terrain conditions.


With a large payload capacity and a compact size, the Terex TA6 can easily transport materials in tight spaces, and its hydraulic tipping system allows for quick and easy unloading of materials. Its low noise and vibration levels provide a comfortable working environment for the operator.

  • Tech Specs


    4.41 t
    Standard tyres 405/70-20 14PR
    Net load 6 t
    Dump capacity 3.53 m³
    Dumper type S
    Transport length 5 m
    Transport width 2.207 m
    Transport height 3.2 m
    Travel speed 26.2 km/h
    Loading height 1.258 m
    Turning radius outside 5.726 m
    Engine manufacturer JCB
    Engine type EcoMax
    Engine power 55 kW
    Revolutions at max torque 1250 rpm
    Emission level Tier 4 f


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