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The Terex TA3 is a compact and versatile site dumper designed to efficiently handle various materials and terrains. It is suitable for different applications, including construction, agriculture, landscaping, and mining.


This machine is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engine, delivering a maximum power of 22.4 horsepower (16.7 kW) and a maximum speed of up to 16.2 mph (26 km/h). The TA3 has a robust steel chassis and a heavy-duty axle that can support payloads of up to 6,614 lbs (3,000 kg).


The TA3 features a hydrostatic transmission system that provides smooth and precise control of the machine's speed and direction, enabling it to operate efficiently even in tight and challenging spaces. The oscillating rear axle and high-flotation tires provide excellent traction and stability, even in rough terrain conditions.


The operator's station is designed to prioritize comfort and safety, featuring a spacious and ergonomic cab with excellent visibility and intuitive controls. The cab includes a roll-over protection system (ROPS) and safety belts to ensure maximum safety for the operator during operation.


With a compact size and a turning radius of just 10.2 ft (3.1 m), the Terex TA3 can easily maneuver and transport materials in tight spaces. Its hydraulic tipping system allows for quick and easy unloading of materials, while its low noise and vibration levels provide a comfortable working environment for the operator.

  • Tech Specs

    Total Length 3734mm 12′ 3″
    Total Width 1939mm 6′ 4″
    Height to Top Steering Wheel 1860mm 6′ 0″
    Wheelbase 1939mm 6′ 4″
    Height to Front Lip of Skip 1430mm 4′ 8″
    Ground Clearance 300mm 1′ 0″
    Height to Top 2680mm 8′ 10″
    Height to Front Lip 1100mm 3′ 7″
    Turning Radius 4553mm 14′ 11″
    Steering Angle +/- 30°
    Oscillation +/- 10.5°
    Tipping Type Forward
    Flow Rate 30 l/min
    Operating Pressure 172 bar
    Voltage 12v
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